Deactivating Rev-X?

I’ve been doing some recording and I didn’t notice the Rev-X being active at all, and then yesterday I noticed a lot of reverb whenever I directly monitored or played back recording audio. If I go into the Rev-X panel, and lower the reverb there, it affects the sound, so I know it’s being caused by the Rev-X feature.

Is there a simple way I can just turn off the Rev-X, or prevent the output from being directed through this effect?

Probably, but hard to say when you give no specifics as to what you record with nor details regarding your setup.

Rev-x is never on as default do you’re doing something wrong. Are you sure you’re not hearing latency delay if you haven’t turned on direct monitoring?


I’m using Cubase AI 6, Windows 7 64 bit.

Last weekend, when I was recording, I wasn’t getting any reverb and the Rev-X panel didn’t pop up when I opened up Cubase. Now for some reason, the Rev-X panel pops up at the opening of the program by default. If I check the insert settings for each channel, there is a UR824 send assigned to each channel, by default. I don’t know how this happened, because I didn’t click anything to turn on the Rev-X. In one file, I was able to get rid of the reverb by clicking the icon on each channel to bypass the UR824 send. In another file, I bypassed the send, and I still had reverb so I had to turn down the volume on the Rev-X plug-in. I haven’t touched my latency or buffer settings at all.

I’ve tried opening up the UR824 control panel in Windows (when Cubase is not active). According to the UR824 manual, there is a button I can press in the virtual mixer to deactivate the Rev-X effect. Supposedly the button goes from glowing blue to dark. I clicked the button indicated in the manual and nothing happened.

I believe the button you need is in the Hardware section of the inputs. The pad to the right of each section (with the connection line) controls the insert location of the Control Strip - upper = off, middle = Mon. only, lower = Mons. & Rec to DAW.
The control at the bottom right (vertical lines) opens your reverb routing window.
The Hardware panels (where these controls are located) are opened in the rack section of the Mixer Console, and also in the Channel setting windows.