Deactivation doesn't reset the counter of activated PCs

Because they were a bit old (and because of Windows 11), I’ve replaced three Windows PCs. (2 DAWS and a notebook). On each machine, I went to the license manager and deactivated Dorico 4. But anyway, I can’t activate it on my new notebook. It says that already 3 machines are activated.
Is there anything else I could try, except writing to the support? I did that yesterday, but I would need Dorico this weekend… and I suppose the answer will take some time.

What you describe certainly ought to work. One thing you could try would be to make sure that SAM is fully up-to-date (to version 1.3.1) on the PCs where you are trying to deactivate - if not, then you might try updating, re-activating, and then re-deactivating.

If that still doesn’t work then we can try to help you work out what’s going on, but if you need Dorico urgently this weekend then your quickest option might be to apply for a Dorico trial (assuming you haven’t had one already).

So I’ve reinstalled everything on my old PC, but it’s not possible to activate it there, too.
The activation manager says, that the maxium of installations is already reached.
But in my account I see “Dorico 4 Pro” - used on no computer.
As I don’t have any running installation anymore, I hope someone can reset it?

Unfortunately I don’t have the permissions to reset the list of activated hardware IDs - for that I think you will need to raise a support ticket.

Martin, I’m able to do this, so if you haven’t already raised a support ticket to ask our support team to do it, let me know, and I will happily do it for you.

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I opened a ticket on Thursday - so they might answer tomorrow. If not, I’ll ask again.
Thank you, Daniel!

Hi Daneil,

Not sure how to contact you privately so I will just do it here. I have similar issue like the OP. And I am also having trouble creating a support ticket. On the support page it only let me search for local Steinberg distributors. No option to create a support ticket. I am wondering if you could help me reset my activation?

Thank you very much!

Yes, I can try to help you, @aztic. If you send me a private message with the details, I’ll do what I can.