Dead Agent

Groove Agent 1 will not show up / load / appear / make itself known/ it is a dead Agent / it has fallen off its perch …

First off I will mention this is trial Elements 6 generated within AI by Steinberg in the prog AI . click upgrade . that sort of thing

Back and forth with support getting slowly nowhere .
The guy with the made up name says it shows as installed and the files are where they should be and I should …

thank you again for your e-mail.
You can find a lot of video tutorials from other users in youtube. We also have an official youtube channel called ‘SteinbergSoftware’ but most of our videos are dedicated for Cubase full versions only.


sorry for the late reply!
The file on our server is in perfect order. If you cannto mount the disk image by double-click (it will appear as a virtual drive in the Finder’s sidebar) please re-download it.

I’m running Mac intel 10.6 but double clicking just launched Cubase.
Because Elements 6 is a trial version I went the route of pressing support with the usual questions like is my Elements 6 trial lite / crippled in any way…they say no it is not.

Me being new to Cubase I don’t know what to expect , I have no past experience of loading Groove Agent but it would make perfect sense to go through the steps one by one like starting a new project which involves GA1 but I cant find one single post on the entire intarwabs nor in Steinberg’s Elements 6 pdf which starts at the beginning.
All posts / vids start with GA1 already added / loaded.

What I am asking here is help to find out from the beginning with screen shots on what I see and what I should see to get GA1on it’s perch.
GA1 is in a VST3 file where it should be but that file is missing when veiwing VST window when Hallion etc are visible.


Anyone home ?

apparently not :confused:

for those viewing this topic I have included a related post .

Uninstall download links

more help can be found on web searching > “installing cubase elements 6 trial”