Has anyone here ever had a file corruption that resulted in a “DEAD CHANNEL?” The channel looks fine but then you realize that you can’t hear it. You check it and THERE,S NO VU/LED ACTIVITY AT ALL. The audio has completely stopped passing through that channel! The only fix (that I’ve found) is to open a completely new channel, copy the settings from the “dead one,” and then move your wave file to that channel. Then it plays your file as expected.

I’ve had issues with them before. But I determined that I’d actually saved a couple of them in my template. I built a new template and the problem seemed fixed. But today, I actually witness a “group of tracks die!” :open_mouth:

I was processing an audio file with a plug in. For some reason, when I hit preview, the plugin crashed and told me to re-install it, which I did. But the crash required me to restart my controllers, as SOME functions stopped operating, and, on playback I realized that 5 tracks directly after the crashed track had “died” no VU/LED activity. I replaced all of those tracks with the fix I described and they are all playing correctly now. But I’m wondering what causes this.

Has anybody else had this happen?

The problem comes up from time to time. It’s too random to reliably track it to its origin as it happens rarely.

When fixing is possible by copying settings (which is fast and easy) just do it and don’t think about. It’s getting cheesy when you have lots of automations on the dead track - that’s manual work still.