"Dead/Dying Channels" Issue is back

I was testing one of my Templates out on my new desk to work out “Fixed Mapping.” I just imported a stereo track to place on random tracks to see where they would show up on the desk. The 1st 3 audio tracks sounded pristine and just as expected.

Then I dropped the song into another stereo track in the drums folder. Now the output sounded like it was gated or something! I didn’t understand that at all, since it’s a blank template! When I found this to be the case all over the place, I decided to generate a new track right next to the drums Overhead track that sounded so strange. The new track played clear as a bell. Moved the song one track up, gated cut-up sound. WTH?

I have replaced these tracks numerous times and built several new templates from them and I keep ending up with this problem, as if the template aged or something. Does anybody have any idea what’s causing this?