Dead Forum Society

Why do I feel Steinberg lost their active faithful forum members? No new information. Where are the love for cubase? using others software? Or simple making music with cubase? :slight_smile: Hmm I am looking at that apollo UAD card with PT10. Soon…

Sending much love and Aloha to Cubase. :slight_smile:

Like who? Nate?

Seize the Fish!

I gotta admit, ive taken a break from forum participation for a little while. And my first reaction when coming back is this forum seems to have really slowed. Its a shame cos its a a good one. Its still ticking over, but its def not as active as it once was.

ON the other hand my other impression is its not as bitchy and argumentative as Gearslutz. This forum is much nicer. has a great vibe and members are very helpful. Just wish it was a tad more active.

Yes, but unfortunately they were knowledgeable people who have, on occasion, helped me enormously. When is the last time a mod helped you? Me-- never. Or are you like so many others that rely on members for assistance?

Yep, bit of a graveyard round here of late. Infact, since this new forum was introduced. Gotta accept that that’s what Steinberg want. More action available in other places; Number 6 has his own forum, Gearslutz has a nice balance of stupid and very helpful, there are more :sunglasses:

Don’t look back!
Something might be gaining’ on ya!

—Satchel Paige

Ah well, we manage. At least I can still keep up with the posts, wasn’t always like that.

They all left college and got jobs. :mrgreen:

This is nothing compared to the Nuendo forum. I was looking forward to being part of the Nuendo forum but it is even more of a graveyard. Days go by by with no new posts, very disappointing.

I agree with this. Overall after a number of years its easy to see how hard it is to run a balanced forum. If you keep it very open (circa 2001 - 2005) you can wind up with a lot of hysterical loudmouths who spend all day slamming the warez versions of products that you make. Of course when its that open , you also get a lot of good ,helpful and productive posters. We can all think of posters that we regret were banned or miss seeing posts but then at least I can think of some who should have been banned years before they were.And its all so subjective.

I don’t spend that much time posting in music forums these days.

Or some of us got old and retired…

It will be even deader over on the Nuendo side once my Nuendo license sells :confused: (not that I posted that much there anyway)

Heck, I haven’t been very active here either due to a packed schedule.

You’re taking about the Music Lounge… right?

The other parts of the forum seem to be alive and well, after all this is what the Steinberg forums is for, users to help users is it not?

what about a lounge for for everybody?
Wasn’t it like that in the blue old forum?

Indeed but it was ruined by religion, political discussions and name calling :unamused:

It’s not dead. It’s just taking a long nap until the next iteration of “the shiny”. :mrgreen:

Those humans! :smiling_imp:

The trouble is that Cubase just got too darn slick and reliable. These days it’s only the updates that cause brief moments of excitement, when something stops working, or changes colour. The forum comes briefly back to life but problems get solved so quickly these days.

Oh, for that old BSOD, or Berylium figuratively slicing up some poor unsuspecting newbie… :frowning: :laughing: