Dead group channel?

Hi, I opened up a project I completed last month and for some reason now, one of my group channels is ‘dead’, no audio/signal is passing through it at all?? The channels sent to it give audio/signal when routed elsewhere but nothing when to the group channel.

It’s only the one, I tried switching off and then removing all inserts but the issue remains… ?

Has anyone else experienced this, is there a cure? Other than making a new group channel… (Which would be acceptable in certain circumstances but not when there’s lots of automation going on)


I had this experience some days ago, on 8.5.0 I believe.

I were using a group track as a “dummy” VCA (VCAs not working) linking it with some other tracks = NO sound

So as I can understand, there’s one problem with the grouping/linking system. And one problem with the VCAs themselfs.

Honestly I have lost “control” over the VCA and linking/grouping and all its BUGS and workarounds.

I’ll be damned Studio One gets a WORKING VCA feature before Cubase (and Nuendo - which also do not work) :confused:

I’m just about nine months into learning Cubase and this issue with the Group channels and VCA fader malfunctioning is very disappointing to me. I’ve had this dead VCA issue and there have also been similar problems with Group Channels.

The promo videos for Cubase Pro 8 feature a lot of information about how good the VCA Fader and Group Channels are and I was sold on it. They really do have issues, yet the videos promoting the “cool VCA faders and groups” are still on the web.

Hunt around the forums and you’ll find many posts about this.