Dead projects


I recently had to change the hardware (and then software) in the studio computer and after that some of my projects just died. When i try to open them, they just close instantly. Reference example project and crash files of some of them. Projects do not open in 9, 9.5 in 8 and in Cubase version 5. Before that upgrade all projects worked well.
Is there any way other than import to new project from old?

OS WIN 1809
Cubase 9.5\10 and other

You could try the ‘merge’ function. Create a new project and import tracks from another cpr. File > Import > Tracks from project.

How can i get vst instruments from this projects?

I have just looked at your .cpr and it opens fine on my system. Sure the audio is missing and many of the plugins, but the .cpr itself is ok. Therefore it is likely that a plugin that is causing your problem.

The way to get around this has been described many times before on this forum. Essentially rename plug in folder/s and isolate the plugins, but I suggest you read up on it first.

Lesrec has a good point. If you use the File…Import…Tracks From Project function, that might work. Bring in one or two tracks at a time and note when the import fails. Your VSTis, EQ, inserts, faders etc will all be transferred. Groups and master inserts etc will be more awkward, but I think you can recover the situation.

Here is a screenshot which might give you useful information.

I need to somehow find out that the plugin is not working properly)
This is a working machine, I can not kill all the plugins)

Read again what I wrote. I am not telling you to kill your plugins.

It’s best you work this out for yourself, but the trick is to make a safe copy of all VST folders that Cubase is referring to. Then empty each VST folder and re-introduce the files a few at a time from the backups. Test that the project opens until you find the culprit. It generally doesn’t take long, but you need to be methodical, keep safe copies and take notes.

You could temporarily rename the VST folders for example add XXX before the name. Then load the project. Cubase will load, but of course not “see” the plugins. If you have lots of plugin locations as I do, then try this method. Also - read what others have said about this subject on the forum

Did you try the “Tracks from Project” option I suggested?