Dead spots in imported OMF

Hi all,

This is kind of weird (for me anyway). I’ve been importing OMFs from a friend’s Protools into Cubase Pro 8 as part of a project. Most of the OMFs have come across no problems, but a recent one came across with dead spots in many of the tracks where the volume just drops out completely. As an experiment, I cut the offending ‘dead zone’ out, pasted in a ‘live’ event, and on playback it will still be dead. They’re all audio tracks in this project so far. I’ve tried a couple of times to import the same project, but it’s been the exact same result both times.

Anybody have any thoughts on what might be happening here? Thanks,


Windows 7 laptop
Cubase Pro 8


How many channels are ine the track? Is it Mono/Stereo/5.1…?

Hi Martin,

They’re mono tracks. The dropouts are happening in the same places in all the tracks with drop outs.



A few years back I had this (although not on Cubase).
In that case it was an automation change problem.
I can’t remember how it was cured- either overwrote automation on that track, or deleted it.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t lead to my idea. So I have no idea about the solution.