Deafult values for velocity and modulation when previewing a chord from the Chord Track

I am a frequent user of the Chord Track. I have difficulty properly setting proper default values for velocity and modulation when auditioning chords by clicking on any of the symbols inside the chord track. Is there a way how to influence who chords are played back when clicking on them?

I used to be able to simply add a short piece of modulation CC at the beginning of the instrument track that I am using as a chord audition device, in my case a set of strings… but I find at least on Cubase 10 the software seems to ignore those “default” values and always plays back the notes at full tilt with mod CC1 all the way up… When starting the play-head, the dialed in mod settings are correctly honored by the chords in the chord track… the problem only occurs when manually clicking on any of them to audition them individually.

Any ideas how to get this to work?

Sorry, never mind… I was stupid… I accidentally had set the CC1 values all the way up in my little MIDI snipped which I had put at the beginning of the auditioning device… no wonder it played back with max volume.

I am reopening it… Is there actually a way to change the default VELOCITY that is used when auditioning a chord on the Chord Track? I can influence the default CC1 that is used with the method described above… But how can I influence the velocity of the notes?

Right now the instruments I use will always play back a harsh attack rather than a soft attack because the default velocity for chord playback is too high…

I assume you are having an Instrument Track playing the Chord Track. You can use the MIDI Modifiers & MIDI Insert Tabs in the Instrument Track’s Inspector to tweak a bunch of different parameters including Velocity.

Whispers: Try playing with the arpeggiators if you want to loose a couple of hours.