Dealing with hiding rests and slash positions

This is what I spend a lot of time doing on drum parts:

Drum staves (notated on a “regular” treble/sketch staff, not a percussion staff) require multiple voices for various kinds of gestures: normal notation above the staff, stemless slashes for time-keeping, stemmed slashes for strict rhythmic figures, and at least one additional down-stem voice (with noteheads replaced as needed) for actual orchestrated drum figures. This results in all kinds of superfluous rests needing to be removed, and having to manually adjust the position of slashes. I sometimes remove the rests as I go, but adding additional notes to the score afterward will make some of those rests reappear. I cannot select ALL slash voices for the entire piece to reposition because there are times where I have melodic cues on the part and need slashes at different positions.

I wonder if there are more efficient approaches. I would love to be able to select all superfluous rests and delete them all at once. I would also love to have slashes locked into position on the middle of the staff unless otherwise manually adjusted (perhaps this is already possible but I’m not sure how to make that happen).

Percussion have “extra voices” which are not padded with rests. Would this help?

Unfortunately no, because I need a normal staff for melodic cues.

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