Dealing with "pre-swing/swung" or human played percussion midi

I have a very very simple thing I’d like to do but can’t see how to do so in Dorico.

  1. Manually notate horn, bass and piano parts using straight notation.
  2. Set Dorcio to playback these parts with swing feel.
  3. Import human played drum midi (already swing feel) and have it play back “straight” or unmodified.

The issue is that I have many Superior Drummer libs and midi packs with outstanding humanized midi. This midi needs to be left alone as it’s already swung by the player. I can’t figure out how to do this in Dorico.

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I suppose you could add a “shift-T, straight feel, alt-enter” local marking, in the drum staff? I haven’t tried it, so not sure it would work, but that’s how it would be supposed to work.

Unfortunately that ends up applying to the entire system. I can’t figure out how to change it for a single staff/instrument.

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As Marc says, use Alt+Return (i.e. hold down Alt and then press Return) to confirm the Shift+T popover. That will create a rhythmic feel that applies to only one staff.


Excellent, thank you @dspreadbury !

Ok… That is “a little bit” unfair.

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(At least Daniel’s post begins with “As Marc says …”)

BTW, I think this capability is marvelous.

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Sorry, did not see that you spelled out alt + enter. You got it right for sure, Daniel’s formatting helped me notice the detail that made the difference.