Dealing with rests when copying and pasting from one stave to another

I’m trying to copy and paste a few bars from one instrument to another but stumbling over rests (can’t find a reference in help)
the original has 1 crotchet rest, 1 dotted crotchet followed by a string of notes over say 3 bars in 4/4.
I’m trying to paste into a stave where the first bar has a semibreve rest followed by others the same.
However, I can’t find a way for the notes to start on the second beat as in the original - the software wants to start at the beginning of the bar. I can’t even edit the semibreve into say 4 crotchet rests.
How do I edit the semibreve rest so that my notes start on the correct beat or paste in some otherway to achieve the same effect. the notes are always displaced.
I haven’t used Dorico for a few months and am trying to get up to speed again

Double click on the destination staff to invoke the caret, then use the arrow keys to move it along the rhythmic grid. If the rhythmic grid resolution is too low, use either the popup menu in the bottom left corner of the screen to alter it, or use the keyboard shortcuts (Alt-] and Alt-[ ), or type the note value of the opening rests you need and then hit Space. Then Cmd/Ctrl-V to paste.

There’s no need to actually interact with the rests. You certainly can split rests manually (using O for Force Duration, “,” (comma) to turn on Rest Input, the number keys for rhythmic durations and Y or any letter A-G to input the rests) but the vast majority of the time it’s a waste of time - Dorico will split the rests appropriately as soon as you’ve put (or pasted) the notes in.

Thank you pianoleo - that worked