Dear Santa (what monitor is this?)

Dear Santa, Pleaseeeee can I have the 2 screens in this following picture to use for my cubase music making sessions?!

Does anyone know what the screens are called?

Thanks in advance


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I’ll admit that I’m just as curious about what is going on with the archer in the background … what is … I’m not … what?

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Doesn’t seem to be a shortage of $$ there. Maybe it’s a dream? I have never seen anything like that.

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He needs to move it back, looks like it’s going to blocking that speaker, And that pc case placed there is doing no favours either! :rofl:

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I see only one screen?

@EnergyCrush The archer is a Lara Croft statue, there’s also many other video game references in this picture such as Metroid, The Legend of Zelda and Mario :+1:

@mr.roos The shortage of $$ are the 3" speake… expensive 3" speakers. :laughing:


The second screen looks photoshopped to me, but it could be some obscure industrial/commercial touch panel.

ASUS does have some stuff similar
The ProArt Display PA147CDV is a versatile touchscreen interface for creators - Edge Up (
but that’s a lot smaller

Perhaps the person who created the 1’X 4’ touch screen monitor made the speakers? If true then I personally would hold off judgement.

You guys are joking about the second screen, right ? This is obviously not a real screen, this picture is taken from a video, the guy has simply video recorded his screen then added a cropped part of it as an overlay on top of his “room” video when doing the montage. Just like Loopop’s videos on YouTube.

I’d say both screens are actually fake. The lower one is showing the same mixer as the upper one but with better lighting, while the upper one has an odd shape (look at the top edge) and is too rounded in the first place.
So they probably photoshopped a usual screen and bent it for the upper one while just cutting out the mixer part for the lower one.

Doesn’t really look like very ergonomic setup to me, fake or not…

Lmao you guys never seen a curved screen or what :joy:

The screen on the picture is a Samsung Odyssey Ark, and yes it is really that curved.

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Even the image on the curved screen has been overlayed as the fake screen below is a crop of the same image which was used for both.

Where’s the image from? Is it an advert or something?

The Riddle has been solved… I agree with Louis_R
The top screen is the Odyssey Ark and the long screen with the mixer is a digital overlay
The effect looks very effective for social media in my opinion
Check out the producer on TikTok - Tobi Weiss

Thanks for the replies everyone :+1:t4:


(I don’t think anything is fake in this picture, but agreed - case closed)

What blows my mind is to spend so much $$ on hot gear, down to the Focal headphones, but choosing to sing into an SM-7B… I’m totally fine with it, but it shows how wide can be the spectrum when talking about personal audio preferences!

SM7… Michael Jackson to Red Hot Chili Peppers to Kings of Leon

It should also be noted, that having a huge concave hard object right in front of your ears probably isn’t optimum for listening accuracy.

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About SM7
I know - just said I don’t get it, and to me it shows how different personal preferences can be regarding audio.
I’ve seen singers looooving the BETA52A as a vocal mic… Hey why not…