Dear Steinberg coders, please reintroduce Secret Quick Navigation ;-)

Guys, I adore Cubase!

There was a time when a genius software coder secretely implemented this great function (video from 2013, Cubase 6.5):

It was the absolutely quickest way to literally fly through the mixer just by Ctrl-clicking a routing destination.
Hint: the combination of Ctrl + click isn’t occupied by any other function since C7… :wink:

Way quicker than pulling a scrollbar (who really wants to do that?) or choosing from the channel list (where you potentially have to scroll first on the way to ‘the other side of the project’ with higher channel counts). It was an undocumented feature.

So, if you genius can hear me, please drop those lines of code back into my favourite DAW! Just PM me for your annual delivery of best franconian crafts beer for your birthday :smiley:

Wow!!! +1!

I was just digging on how much more intuitive those buttons were :smiley: But yeah, those were the days.

There’s an irony to me… they keep hiding more and more stuff and yet the UI seems more and more crowded. Mystérieux, no?

Nice, somebody joins in. Thought I was the only one :laughing:

The key is ignorance plus intuition - don’t even look at what you don’t need, let your hands do things that simply work without consciouscly knowing about what exactly is happening :laughing:

Cubase has become pretty complex, it’s a true piece of art to pack all the stuff into a gui… assuming there are many developers working on different pieces of the program it’s a plain wonder that it doesn’t explode by any weird interdependencies :mrgreen:

If my memory serves me well the request for this feature return was introduced in this thread since C7 was released.

And big +1 for sure!

Well new users don’t know about the good ol’ days, so they don’t count. And old guys are just whiners so they don’t count.

What happened to Cubase VST was ‘balkanization’. Every part of the program -looked- like a different guy worked on it–because a different guy worked on it. SX was supposed to fix that, Charlie said. And it was great for a while. Nice n’ consistent. But again… over time… as they pack on the features… it gets balkanized again. They can’t seem to find a way to add features -and- keep the UI -consistent-. Drives me stonkin’ NUTS.

What SB needs is a UI Czar. Seriously! Every new feature would need that individual’s buy-in. Then we might just see some consistency.

They do have one, but if for the sake of consistency they stopped moving forward with the UI design just because of a few windows (which probably take more time and effort to change than it seems), we would still be stuck with a DAW that looks like Cubase SX 3 or Cubase 5, which look quite dated.

But they’re slowly touching things up where possible. Direct Offline Processing got rid of a few of the oldest windows in Cubase and I think you can expect more of that in the future.

& +1000000 for old buttons.



Yet there’s empty buttons on some track types in the mixer. Seriously, I would really like to know what the reason behind all this is. The GUI is pretty amazing in many areas, and likewise totally retarded in others. 9.5 is living proof to that, I simply don’t get why they’re permanently fiddling with stuff that was just fine - look at the colours and even the font, which is now smaller and just a pain to read all of a sudden. Someone at HQ must be suffering from a serious OCD…it’s a mystery.

WHAT!? Why did they take this out??

Let’s not get into another discussion about the overall GUI on this thread…let’s stay clean and completely on target here: This “secret navigation” feature simply NEEDS to come back!

I would LOVE this is Cubase. Another time saver!


+1!!! This is a GREAT feature, so shy would something as awesome as this be taken out?

Yes, please keep filling this request with life :sunglasses:

Should I go to Musikmesse this year, I’ll bother on of the poor Steinberg support guys again (did this for some years already) :laughing: Too nice the feature to be lost forever!


great FR!!!

+ 1 !!!