Dear, Steinberg ... (Rate Your Developer HERE)

In terms of user-requested feature addition and bug fixing, how would you rate our developer:

  • RESPONSIVE: Thorough attention/fixing of user-reported issues. Open dialog about feat. requests with user base (voting, etc.). Frequent moderator posts.
  • GOOD: Major workflow hindrances eliminated within a couple updates. Somewhat open to new features requested by the user base. Moderators are slow-to-respond but attend to a significant amount of issues.
  • BAD: Annoying issues stay around may stay around for long periods but are eventually resolved. Ignores the majority of issues/requests. Flaky mods.
  • NEGLIGENT: Not uncommon for well-known issues and simple workflow fixes to be left indefinitely unsolved, without explanation. Mods seldom helpful.

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Sorry, is this sarcasm or are you actually for real?

No apology necessary, Stealth.

7.5 has been out for 4 days. I’ve seen little-to-know acknowledgement of major issues on the boards.

Perhaps I’m just mistaken. Could you please direct me to an official update regarding the following issues in Cubase 7.5:

Load time w/ VST3 >=8 MIDI-in plugins
.cpr size bloat
inst rack delay

Thank you

EDIT: See the OP for the update on this.

As I saw in the last year, the forum seems to be ignored by Steinberg, maybe Elge can explain some, they innovate a lot of things but the major application is not comparable to the old 6.5, in performances and stability.
The complete redesign graphically and structurally speaking was a disaster since the version 7.0, even some people like on the road it’s a different thing.
Actually under OSX there are more problems than issues solved. Someone will trolling us for sure, because unhappy people and unhappy users are trolls as I noticed some other users was banned from this forum, because they spoken about the application and about Steinberg too, after payed for 2 application releases. I’m one of them… Im continue to support steinberg even 200euro for complete upgrade costs from 6.5 to 7.5 payed was unuseful for me. I think the Cubase project leader fails and Steinberg need a new one for Cubase 8 imho… and please Steinberg contact a real beta testers, real musician than use Cubase for real works. :slight_smile:


Seems to me the above poll trends toward the positive.


There are some issues that linger on forever (mp3 export ID-tag implementation for instance), but in general I feel the mod responsiveness is great and many of the added features in 7.5 at least are an answer to feature requests.

I don’t know if anyone saw this post

I think there are problems, it’s obvious, I’ve problems, other pro users have problems, and people not affected are probably not a complete Cubase users, I may think most of Cubase users could be happy with Cubase Artist or Cubase Elements especially under Windows. Because massive use of plugs and tracks creates a lot of crash reports and performance issues… Im force to remain on Cubase 6.5 under osx.

The thread you are talking about was started at 6 o’clock on a Friday evening. The response from a Steinberg rep came at 10.34 AM on Monday morning. That seems like a perfectly reasonable response time to me? You can’t expect them to be on the forums on a Saturday night.

That thread was started Thursday, 05 Dec 2013 02:17 PST: there was a full 10 business hours on Friday for a response.

Relationships should to be two-ways, yes? We’re giving them top-tier reward ($ fee) for their primary software + updates. Therefore, I feel that we’re entitled top-tier support too.

You’re correct -I’d mistakenly looked at the time on page 2 of the thread instead of page 1. Still, personally I don’t think two business days to respond to something of this nature is terrible although I’m sure it might feel that way if you are affected by the issue.

My two cents…
The level of SB support provided on the forum seems appropriate to me. I see responses from SB within 24 - 48 business hours on problems that can not be resolved by the forum community. Even quicker if the problem is more widespread/important. Problems that are messing with someone’s livelihood should be submitted directly to customer support, or if submitted on the forum, re-submitted directly to customer support as soon as the forum submitter realizes that the forum community will not be able to assist. That is where you should receive the “world class” support. Again,IMO. :wink:

I really don’t know what to think of this topic. Maybe I should explain certain things here. The forum is a valuable resource of information for us and many Steinberg employees are monitoring it and some are participating. Would you consider topics like that Steinberg is dead silent and does not contribute?
It’s just that we have many different resources and channels that provide us with feedback that it’s not always the forum we use to communicate things first.

BTW you might want to check on the definition of “censored” again. Wikipedia offers a good article on this:

The motive back of this thread is to promote an open, sincere discussion between your customers with grievances and the developers of the app.

I apologize for the terseness of my original post. I understand that moderator communication may not always take place in the ‘General’ sub-forum first. The honest truth is that you and all of the employees of Steinberg put forth a real effort to assist people here.

The help that’s offered to the userbase should be appreciated. With that said, I feel that, re: many issues, we’re basically ignored:

I’m not certain whether it’s known at Steinberg or not but some of the decisions made for the development of C7 are extremely vexing to a portion of your users, including myself. These areas of concern are documented and users opinions expressed. Yet, more often than not, nothing changes and the trail goes cold.

I would like to have a honest assessment of the situation by the denizens of this board; specifically, those who wish to see critical improvements made in this great app.

By having the users and developers communicating more openly, I believe we can help one another to have these areas of concern addressed.