Dear Steinberg - reinstalling cubase and licences

I am posting this here because your website gives me a page not found error for support.

I was having a lot of crashes opening projects with Cubase and have reinstalled everything. I have a problem that my Halion Sonic licence is an upgrade from Hypersonic 1, and the instructions for registering hypersonic are out of date as the license software has changed.

So, I am stuck, annoyed and frustrated. I don’t mind you using copy protection, and I have been paying for your products since Pro24 on an Atari. But now it is preventing me from doing work and at the same time driving me up the wall. Please can you come up with a better solution.

Back to the problem in hand. How do I register/enter the licence I have for Hypersonic. For all other products I have a long number and letter licence code, but for hypersonic all I have is a manual, a product registration card with a serial number and a wizoo voucher for 25 euros. Where do I find the licence key if there is one, and if not, what do I do?

If your Halion Sonic license is an upgrade from Hypersonic, wouldn’t that also allow you to work with Hypersonic, like I can still use SX3 with my 6.5 license? Can’t be of much help, I’m afraid.

Yes, if your licence is upgrade from older version, you can use the older version of product too. Almkst all user’s activations are on your USB key. So you don’t need to activate it again. Just plug in your USB key with valid licences.

The problem is I cannot find my old Hypersonic card with the licence number and the licence has somehow fallen off the USB dongle.

Not exactly. The license didn’t ‘fall off’ the dongle. Your hypersonic license has been upgraded to the Halion Sonic license. This Halion Sonic license should allow you to use Hypersonic as well. Your hypersonic license is still there, it just got a new name :wink:

Well, that would be nice, but after rebuilding cubase, and now my whole machine from windows up, I no longer have a halion sonic licence, and no means of getting hypersonic on and upgrading it to halion sonic.

Oh right, you had a software license, not a dongle?

Problem is, it was so long ago (hypersonic that is) that I can’t even remember whether it was a licence or a dongle, or what it looked like. These days, all steinberg licences look the same, then, who knows?