Dear Steinberg,

Dear Steinberg,

Since you’ve got thousands of beta testers paying to evaluate your new product, could you spend some of that cash to hire more programmers so we can get bug fixes faster?

Loyal Cubase user.

Have you submitted an official support request through your MySteinberg account? :unamused:


Dear Steinberg,

I love you.

Best regards

Dear “loyal users” is it possible to remove the bug in your program that tries to tell an invisible and uncaring forum how clever you are despite your mental problems?
If you wanted bug fixes why did you spend all that cash on a program that you knew you would not be happy with.?
Now that is mental.
When are the schools back?

What really could help is to fill in an request form with all the details and reproduce steps so SB can reproduce and debug the issue, when putting things in the forum without intense reporting information it is doomed to get solved.


Imagine if you will, a world where your software provider launches device after device, and leaves you with your bugs and no new version, but you can complain on their forum, erm with your new iPad :smiley: but they don’t care. :cry:

dear steinberg

can i have a 6"3’ leggy blonde female delivered with the next release as long as she’s bug free :astonished: