Debka - Harsh/Lofi Industrial Techno


I don’t know if I already posted about my techno ambitions earlier on the forum, but I’m glad to have found back inspirations for my project “Kenneth Sakkari” which was before a “slow-mo” lyrical techno, which I didn’t approve to myself. Today this morning I woke up really early and started a techno composition, suddenly I had this images of Lebanon explosions, so I decided to name it Beyrouth and made as I can the melody sounds Lebanese, as I am Lebanese myself.

Maybe the video I made with the explosions and war crisis there won’t be approved by the moderators even if the copyright holder seems to give me the rights to share it, but with a age limit, so I won’t post it here, instead my Bandcamp.

If you’re curious what it would look like with the video, feel free to check my Youtube channel (-18 content). Just type Kenneth Sakkari Beyrouth on Youtube.