Debugging VST on OS X 10.11.x / Xcode 7.x

Hi – I’m very new to VST development, and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to get (breakpoint) debugging working, on Xcode 7 (OS X, obviously). I’ve followed the standard advice for specifying a debug executable in the project scheme, including debug symbols, making sure I’m actually building the debug target, etc. But I can’t get a breakpoint to stop at any point in the “skeleton” VST I’ve created. Any tips?

first thing to check is, if the debug plug-in is even loading into the host. To check this, turn on the option “Logging: Log Library Loads” in the Xcode scheme editor under the “Diagnostics” tab. If you then start debugging, you see which libraries get loaded. Check if your plug-in is there. If not, you can turn on the other option “Log Dynamic Linker API usage”. This may reveal why your library isn’t loading.
Another option is to first check your plug-in with the validator and see if it comes thru without errors.