Hi there, heres one i started about a year ago and never perused it any further than what it is ,i may have been inspired by a weekend trip to Whitby for the "goth weekend" last year .dont know if it sounds a bit childish but anyway.

Like this a lot!! nice and raw…reminded me of quicksilver messenger service…enjoyed the unusual guitar work…

well done…Kevin

thanks Kevin ,thanks for the luv it on soundcloud . the avatars you use, thats you init. :laughing: …quicksilver messenger service ,wow, they are definitely on sumit

Good work man!

Ha, I’m off to Whitby for a week in May. Hope it inspires me to do some crisper mixes than usual.
Quite liked it & I’m not a heavy fan. My only criticism was that I wanted at least a few of the suspensions to be resolved. The hanging chord at the end of each loop - I just wanted one or 2 to have a resolving deeper chord before the next section now & again.
Not explaining myself very well, am I?
Liked it though.

Neil B

Yup, like it! Nice to hear a player here. As Kevin points out, great raw sound.

Very cool! I loved the guitar riffs (and the guitar solo was very good too).


Thanks for the listen glad you liked it ,youd have to post an example of how you would alter the chords so i could hear what you mean ,i dont mind how it is at the moment with the tension .Hope the weather is good for you at Whitby,its always windy and cold when i go. Careful if you go walking on the cliff top, the path looks like it could drop in the sea any minute and its a long drop,but it`s all good fuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.Splatt!!! :unamused: soz about that

thanks Early, i think on that one i used the cubase vst amp rack .cheers

thanks Makumbaria, glad you liked it.cheers man