Decent mains-powered USB hub?

I’m looking for a good quality mains-powered USB hub for a reasonable price. Just wondering if anyone’s got any recommendations based on experience.

I should also add that I’m from the UK. I’ve seen a few with good reviews from the US and having to pay shipping to the UK is a bit annoying. Also, US to UK mains adapters are a little bulky on the wall.

Cheers, Oli.

I don’t think you need to lose much sleep over this one, virtually any Hub will do. It wouldn’t surprise me if the innards of practically all of them come from the same factory in china :wink:
I think these days you’d be hard pressed to find a crap one.
Simply consider how many ports you need, and then look for a decent quality of construction.

have a look at Amazon UK and use “plugable usb hub” as search criteria. you will see many 4-5 star items

I’ve bought 2 that both broke in less than a week! 4 and 5 star Amazon reviews as well! [emoji52]
That’s why I was just seeing if anyone has one that’s lasted haha

Something like that I’d never buy from Amazon, Id go to a reputable store and make sure there’s a proper guarantee.
Out of seven hubs I have in use (over 3 PCs) I only ever needed to replace 1, but that was definitely a crappy one from 15 years ago.

Yeah guess I’ll just take a trip this week. Just though it was worth an ask first. Thanks [emoji4]