decent microphone for an insane price


Just to share. I bought recently a decent microphone for an absolutely stunning price. They are very well known, but i never heard of them before, so maybe a good idea to share this.

Which one ?

ISK BM-700

It’s a condensor mic, so you need phantom power, and yes it is very very sensitive and yes it can’t have dops or mishandling.

It is made in China and it is very very simple as a concept.
But it is cute, well build, and sounds (for the price) absolutely awesome.
This is not rubbish but you can record with it and achieve very nice results with this.

The BM-700 comes packaged with: Black Shock Mount, Foam Windshield, XLR Output Cable, Leatherette Bag, Aluminum Case.
I just could not believe it, after being tipped about it, and i bought it out of curiosity.
Normally i spent quite an amount of monney on gear and stuff.

But yes… definitly confirmed. For that price… that’s insane.
Very low noise profile too. Excellent play tool to work with.
It’s a recent buy so i do not know how long it is going to last.
But if it gets broken, i buy another one. I can buy multiple of these things for a price that otherwise would be spent on other condensor microphones, and they are fragile too.

You can find these mics on the internet (f.e. aliexpress) for around 30 euro’s/dollars. (without the box and the rest, but since you have one, just buy the mic)

I know this does not sound like a pro, and it isn’t. I think this is just a well kept secret due to the fact that the pricesetting is at such a point that you just can’t believe that this actually is a decent microphone. And since it is always fine to save some of that hard earned cash for other things, i thought is was just fine to throw this on the forum.

All comments welcome, as always.

kind regards,