Decoration in Dorico 3.5

One of my favorite features of Dorico 3 was the ability to put circles around and lines under fingerings. For my pedagogical purposes, it made indicating “low” fingers a cinch.
However, Dorico 3.5 does not include the “decoration” part of the properties menu where this feature was found before.
Is this option still available in 3.5, and if so, where might one get to it?
If not, would the team please consider bringing it back for the next edition?

Another nice feature would be the ability to put letters in the fingering space. It would be very convenient to be able to write “L2,” for instance. I have seen fingerings indicated in this way in pedagogical repertoire and it would be nice to be able to do so without cumbersome engraving workarounds.

Thank you.

What type of instrument does the fingering belong to? The ‘Decoration’ property isn’t available for fretted instruments. If you want to show a circled number for fretted instruments, you can show a string indicator - they’re in a separate property group “String Indicators”. Select the notes you want to show a string indicator for, and activate the “Show” property.

I’ve made a note to add clarification of this (‘Decoration’ not being available for fretted instruments) to the manual.

Thank you. It’s for violin.

OK, interesting. Are you definitely in Engrave mode and selecting the fingering itself directly, not the note to which it applies? For me, selecting a violin fingering directly in Engrave mode brings up the Decoration property.

Thank you, and I’m sorry for not replying, I think I was expecting an email notification lol. I think the issue was that I had the note selected. You stopped me from losing my mind! A thousand kudos.

But @Lillie_Harris / @dspreadbury – do you think we could put this kind of thing on the request list? Having an L before a fingering is very much used in fundamental method books (L for Lower position)… there are probably other string educator fingering items on the wish list…

would be so nice to type “L2” or “L1” or “L3” etc. for a fingering without workarounds… Thank you!