Decrease db range in frequency Graph GUI as an option?

Hi Everybody!

Am I the only one who feels that the full ± 30 db range in frequency is a bit wide and most of the time way more than one needs but on the other hand a -1db move (that I need much more often) is hardly even noticeable? I’d love the GUI to have a setting to show a ± 12 or maybe ±18 db range. I often find myself initially dialing in or taking out way to much…
Of course one can always watch and use the turn buttons but I just always like to just grab a band point in the graph.
Would also love if frequency somehow would become the new standard EQ in the strip and be usable with the CC121…

Hi Stefan_Wessel,
this request came up quite a few times and is already on the ‘feature request list’.



Yes i totally agree and it will most probably show up in a paid for release :wink:

Good to know!!!

Yes pleeease!! ±6db would be really usefull as well.

finally, its in Cubase 13, can set the db range display on frequency 2


Watching that video I noticed that the live waveform display inside Frequency doesn’t change with the scale setting. That doesn’t seem right, does it?

I don’t mind that too much. I think it might be a good thing because I might want to always see the whole waveform (on smaller range settings like ±6db too). Adjusting the waveform-display would mean that some portions of the waveform might get out of the picture…