Decrease track freeze time?

Is there something I can do to decrease my track freeze time? It’s currently too long. For a 2-3 minute track, the freeze time takes ~4 minutes.

I am assessing this with Cubase Pro 9 on an old, underpowered High Sierra Mac, and comparing the track freeze time to that of Logic and Ableton, on same computer. The track freeze times, for a ~4 minutes track in those two programs, on the same old computer, is very quick: about 30-45 seconds. I’m new to Cubase. As such, I suspect my issue is due to user ignorance. (Research online hasn’t led to answers.) I’m considering replacing Logic with Cubase. Thanks in advance.

I’m on a Windows10 PC so do not know about Mac. However I do not believe there is any way to speed up the process of freezing except for a more powerfull computer. It just is what it is. Hit the snowflake button and wait untill it’s done. You are right though that the processing time could be different for DAWs. I tried it in Studio One (Transform function) and that took longer than Cubase Freeze. If you have a faster machine I do not think it will be a problem however.