decrease volume automation in .1 db steps

Is there a way to increase decrease volume automation in .1 db steps maybe a fine automation mode … If you highlight a section of automation and try to change either up or down it’s always to little or to much thanks for any help… had this feature in pro tools and i used a lot on vocals. Now using Cubase and can’t find anyway to even out words on a vocal track without a lot of compression . so no confusion that is point 1 db or a tenth of a db


If you want to apply it to the specific Audio Event, you can use the Volume in the Info Line. One mouse-scroll step = 1dB. Or you can make a preset of Direct Offline Process > Gian +1 and assign a Key Command.

On the Automation level, you can select the automation nodes and by mouse, you can Scale Vertically. This will ad a new nodes. Again, you can use Info line (this will not add new nodes). Project Logical Editor to Trim it > Multiply By…

(Media Type is | Equal | Automation | And
Container Type is | Equal | Track | And
Name | Contains | Volume )

Trim | Multiply by | x

thanks i’ll try this :smiley:

I was helped by Cubase Expert Greg Ondo. He showed me how to do this exact thing using the Project Logical Editor. Here is a screenshot of how to set it up. Notice in the “operation” section how one picture says “multiply by” and the other says “divide by”. (Increasing or decreasing) Once you have it set up, you can create a Key command to do this efficiently. Hope this helps. I know it sure helped me! This will work in your automation lane.


The difference from my script is:

  • My script is focused to the Volume automation track only.
  • Greg’s script is focused to any selected automation track (even not a Volume).

Otherwise it’s the same.