"Decrease volume in selected track by 1db inside cycle" PLE preset not working

hi, I´m trying to apply trim volume to a range or cycle but the PLE preset “Decrease volume in selected track by 1db inside cycle” seems to do nothing when applied. How should it be applied?

This is designed to modify existing Automation Data, if you don’t have any then it doesn’t change anything.

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oh ok, is there a way then to change volume to a slected range as “scale vertically” does? I can do it for entire track but not for a range via PLE.


Write enable the Track and move the Fader as desired, or use the Range Tool on the Automation Lane and then drag the selection up or down. Both of these will create Automation Data points which can then be manipulated by the PLE. But the PLE is not able to create brand new Automation Data on its own.

I would love to be able to select with the range an existing automation just like in your screenshot and have a PLE command to trim it up and down but can not find any way

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just being able to assign scale vertically to key commands or to midi remote it´d be enough for me…