Dedicated control for cubase console

One of the things I love about cubase is the channel strip window. The fact that you can see all connected channels, master buss etc from one place makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.

What I would really love is a controller for the eq and the channel strip in general. Is there really nothing dedicated to this already?
When io look at presonus controllers, I see controllers that are designed with studio one in mind.
It seems to me, that alongside an 8-16 fader Steinberg mixer, a channel strip controller would be amazing.

Console 1 by softube is very good at this. But also, the TC PEQ and comp are quite cool designs - they have a graphical readout.

Outside of this, an iPad app that just mirrors the channel strip window would be AMAZING.

Has anyone tried doing this by simply mirroring their iPad?

Just some thoughts.

The CC121 is exactly this…


Yes I see that can control the EQ. Very handy I am sure. I suppose what I would love is something with visual feedback.
The cheapest way I could see this being implemented is by way of iPad app. Just having an iPad app that exactly mirrors the window of the channel strip (faders and all)
I am going to see if I can accomplish this by using my iPad as a sidecar for my Mac. That could possibly do what I want.

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