Dedicated Export Range + Multiple Project Batch Export

This would speed things up. Being able to set a dedicated/static export range that you save with your project file, so that you can do a project export without fully opening the project. It would do a “soft load”, and automatically export what you have set as static export range.

There could be a feature in Cubase, that would allow you to batch export multiple projects (or multiple previously saved versions of the same project!) by adding them to a batch project export list. It would go through each one, one by one, on its own while you go grab a coffee.

+1 on multiple project batch export

For the range, it could just use the locators saved in each project or a in and out time for all of them…

Yes I agree, using the normal project locators would be fine. Alternatively there could be a checkbox options for ‘From Start to End (of last region)’ with a tail amount.

Another idea similar to this, is an option that allows you to do an export when you close Cubase. Or, ‘Close Cubase after Export’. And then have a Steinberg Media Library Player that keeps track of these exports and where they are.

Agree this would be a very valuable feature–a great time saver!