Dedicated HALion Video tutorials for making Instruments

Hi Guys
If people of Halion are wanting to give Kontakt a run for their money ( I know I do) we need fresh tutorials on HALion as in the making of Instruments in the macro page there is plenty out there for using Halion as in setting up zones etc but not for making Instruments from the beginning to end. I can never remember the Australian guy’s name, he made a great series of videos on the Beard but some of it was a little rushed and it was 2017 we are now in 2021, and no sign of any good clear and concise videos I would be more than happy to pay for a course. Apologize if this seems like a rant but I can assure you it is all in good faith lol.

I agree . There needs to be more resources for Halion 6. I gave a crack at making my own instruments and gave up because it was too fiddly and manual is crap.

Dear Jack
As I write this I’m Packaging an instrument up ready to share but in the library creator, the flipping thing is hanging waiting for the VST Presets folder to move over from the Structure section…If you make a VST preset folder in the contents slot it automatically throws it into the structure section so you have to drag it to the content section and now the system is hanging, in other words, you can’t do anything.