Dedicated keyboard for macros?

Hi guys, I could use your help on this one^^

I recently discovered the power of macros, I haven’t made any yet, I’m still learning the essential key commands.
But I have 2 questions.

  1. It’s more of a “will I be able to do it?” question…
    I want to be able to:
  • Select multiple tracks.

  • Type Macro X:

  • Send all tracks selected to a new fx channel.

  • Add a specific reverb plug-in.

  • Automaticlly call it reverb 1/2/3/4 and so on (i’ll change the name manually later).

  • Load a specific preset.

  • Can I do that with the range tool too?
    I mean - (bounce/render??) all that is selected by the range tool to a new stereo audio track,
    Automaticlly name it, and load a preset.

*I want to be able to make a macro that adds a new mono track, assign it to a specific input, automaticlly call it the name of the input, record and monitor should be toggled on. is it possible?

2. The amount of ideas are eventually, limitless, for all I know… I need to memorize 100ish key commands full of shift and alt and what not.

Can I plug an old usb keyboard and map it so every key would trigger a macro?
For example - the second I push ‘E’ on my second keyboard, what actually be happening is ctrl+alt+d
Which is macro x in cubase

And of course, I need my midi keyboard(lx88+) and my main keyboard to stay untouched.



I don’t know if you are on Mac or Windows. I did this in the past with Keyboard Maestro on Mac. It was possible to assign a Shortcut from dedicated device.

Yea I’m on Windows😂 on mac you also have metagrip, wicked, but im a student(therefore - cheap) and the android alternatives are BS…

I need something just like asio4all: app/driver that is
one-size-fits-all-USB-keyboards detecting, distinguishing, and letting the user match a specific button from a specific keyboard, as a combination of button.
(1 as main/normal keyboard, 2 as “macro” keyboard (each button will trigger few button simultaneously)