Dedicated Mediabay folders ?

Hi all,

If i have chosen for example 20 audio parts from my media bay which i might use for only this track, is there a way i can preview them only instead of dragging them all onto the sequencer ?

Like a dedicated mediabay folder for only those 20 parts.


create a folder on your hard drive and copy said audio clips into the folder. scan the folder in media once highlighted and it will only list the files on the currently highlighted folder. You can browse in real time this way.

WOW - great and simple answer, this would work perfect…but how do i copy the audio clips from the sequencer into the folder…or even better from the media bay into the folder (skipping the step of dragging them first onto the sequencer)

Move them via Windows Explorer and then re-scan in Mediabay.

you mean drag them from c6 sequencer to the specific folder on the hard drive - i dont think thats possible on XP.

I cant do it!!

First you say they’re audio files and then that it’s a track. Which is it?

by track i meant the record/project that im working on - sorry,my bad!

They’re audio files…

Please help…anyone ?

Set up Groove agent VSTi and drag the samples onto a pad?


You can also create a library for those parts (see pg 309 of the operation manual).