Dedicated Pitch Shift and Time Stretch modules

It would be great to have

  1. Dedicated pitch module, with independent formant shift, and different algorithms for mono or poly.
  2. Dedicated Time stretch module with options like preserving transients and selecting monophonic or polyphonic type of sound.

Look at the top-left of the tools palette :slight_smile:

…or go to Edit > Transform :

Thank you. I know that the “Transform” tool is there…
But…we need more in depth options …that’s why I’m suggesting having dedicated modules.
…for example…if you need to shift only the formants…(now you have to pitch shift preserving formants, and pitch it back without preserving formants)
…There are also different algorithms that work better for poly or mono material, or preserving transients for drums, etc.
Pitch Shift parameter value should also default to semitones/cents
and Time Stretch could be tempo based (from … to …)

To add:

Could the transform process and transform module be updated to be gpu accelerated. It would be even better if it can be done in real-time.