Dedication and subtitle not appearing

I have entered Title, Composer, Lyricist, Subtitle, and Dedication on the Project Information page, but only the first three items appear in the score and parts.

I recently created a special layout for a piano reduction for the same project and suddenly the dedication does appear but running straight into the title (i.e. on the same line) with no space in between.

What do I do to get the dedication and the subtitle to appear at all and in their correct locations?

You need to create a master page where the tokens for these fields are appearing, they are not included in the standard master page.
If you have done so, but they still don’t appear check for page overrides in engrave mode (red triangle on the numbered miniature pages on the right).

Here’s an explanation of what information appears by default, where, and how (using tokens). Your dedication and subtitle will appear wherever you use the corresponding tokens.

I’m afraid I may have erased the text-tokens for dedication and title, and for Flow1 on the first page of the score when starting out on the project. Can I restore them?

If you did this directly onto the page, that page should have a red triangle in the right panel in Engrave mode that denotes a page override. Removing the override reverts the page to following the corresponding master page.

The default master pages do not include a token for the dedication - they include what’s shown in that labelled image from the First Steps guide: title, composer, lyricist. If you want to show anything else, you need to configure it yourself - ideally by editing the relevant master page.

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Or by creating a custom master page that mimic the original but includes the extra tokens. The benefit of creating these additional master pages is that you can save them as a MP Set and import them into other projects.

How do I then make the text frames on the Master Page larger so that, for example, the dedication, title, and subtitle can each be on their own line?

I tend to do it using the frame Properties at the bottom of the screen. Existing frame justification (in upper left corner) and properties give one starting values to create the new frames–or you could simply lower the Title frame margin enough to fit the subtitle or dedication in.

Here are some samples…
CustomFullScore (4.6 KB)
Unzip the file to get a library file that can be imported into a Dorico Test Project for you to play with.

Have you watched this tutorial?

If this is not what you are looking for, there are many others on setting up layouts and dealing with Master Pages.

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