Dedication, copyright and composer not showing

Dorico Pro 5.1, MacBook Pro
I have been trying to enter title copyright, dedication and composer on a piece. I’ve entered it in the info properties, and only the title shows up. The YouTube video on using engraving mode is seven years old so is of no help, when checking the manual there is a cryptic reference to tokens, clicking in the text frames allows me to write all info except dedication but did nothing. This is quite frustrating.

Some tokens are there by default, providing you don’t use a custom template where they do not appear. Beware, flow tokens used to be the default, but it has been changed to projet tokens (not the same “page” of the info window).
And of course, make sure you don’t have overrides on those pages, which could also explain why it doesn’t behave as you would think it should (overrides are visible as red triangles in the pages miniatures in top right corner of Engrave mode right panel).
Hope it helps!

If you could post the Dorico version of just the first page of your composition, I expect someone could give you a specific solution rather quickly.

Thanks, so this is what I finally wound up with but I don’t understand why the info in Project info isn’t just imported. If anyone would be kind enough to explain how to consolidate the music for each flow into 1 page each and how to insert “8va on repeat” at measure 19 flow 2 I I would greatly appreciate it.
2024-05-15 21-46-16_polka rob 1.dorico (1.3 MB)

Hi @Martin_Bonk

You should in this case add the composer and dedication to the project, and not to the flows:

You edited also the composer info directly into the layout, and inserted it as text (instead of using the token functionality). This is not the recommended way. (And it creates a page override).
Go instead in engrave mode, remove all page overrides (right click on the page icon on the up-right…) so that no little red triangle appear on the page icon.
You should then add the desired tokens editing the Page template itself (with a double click on the Firs page template on the right in Engrave mode) and adjust the size and position of the frames to make space for your dedication. When you have the space, double click under the title token and right click to choose from the context menu the project dedication token)
You can also edit the properties of the dedication token as desired (selecting it and pressing enter: I made it little smaller and Italic).
Here a visual guide:

To make the music fit in a page each flow, there are several methods. The fastest one in this case is to reduce the note spacing for the desired layout to 3, and reduce the space size to 6.5, in Layout options:

Here the result as Dorico file, and as screenshot (I also took the freedom to delete the last bar of flow 1 and the unnecessary cautionaries):

Dorico file: 2024-05-15 21-46-16_polka rob 1-CORRECTED.dorico (1.2 MB)


Oh, I forgot:

to insert the 8va on repeat you can insert it as staff-attached text. Right click in the text field, and choose Insert Music Text, then look for the Octaves symbols, choose one, and correct its baseline shift to -2 or something like that…:

CleanShot 2024-05-16 at 04.52.06@2x

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Thanks a million Christian, your explanations and examples are a huge help. I literally spent hours trying to figure this out, I owe you big time.

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For some reason (at least in Western countries) we are conditioned to work from left to right. So be sure to replicate changes from the lefthand page template to the righthand page (with the L-to-R button at the top of the screen) since the first page of a booklet is almost always a righthand, rather than lefthand, page.