Deep Nuendo Training Available?


Is there an organization somewhere in the world that offers advanced Nuendo training. I’m quite competent in the software but I would be interested in learning much of the deep functionality that I have not used or do not know exists.

Does anyone know of a mechanism for getting training like this or if it exists?
Thanks very much


By the way i should add (language English)

Hi Ian,

thanks for your post. Where are you located?


Hi Timo,

Thanks very much for your reply.

I am on the East coast in The States (Atlanta and NY) but I have no problem traveling to Europe (beautiful Hamburg?) if the training that i am looking for is available there.

I looked extensively at both the resources for training on Steinberg’s site as well as web searches and I have seen nothing in the US that is not introductory/ beginner level so I am doubtful that anything exists here (certainly it would be great to have something in Eastern US - though if it were only on the US West coast, humorously, it would actually be faster to fly to Europe :laughing: ) but I am hopeful that such advanced coursework exists in Europe.

Appreciate the help.


Hi Timo,

you could count me in if you had a suggestion in Hamburg.
Any ideas? Thank you very much.


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Hi guys,

sorry for the delay in answering.

Hamburg is ALWAYS an option (not only because of the beautiful town :wink:
but we can provide training directly in our headquarters’ demo studio
by Steinberg’s HQ product specialists.

Please let me know if that’s an option for you or if I should connect you
with our US tech guys.


I’d be interested in classes on the east coast (USA). I would be even more interested in purchasing a full DVD or online course that I could download for a permanent reference!

What does deep training even mean?

It will be very different what is deep,knowledge based on what work you do. A composer has a very different deep knowledge needs than a audio post user.

The above link can be very helpful in learning yourself the basics of Nuendo’s structure and routines, I think.
Although it’s written in connection to Yamaha/Steinbergs DAW System “Nuage” I found it very helpful in learning “those small things you never really understood”…
Maybe this isn’t “Deep training” but at least you can help yourselves with a start…


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