Deep Results in the Right Zone Media tab

Hi all,

After months of half-assed usage of the Right Zone Media tab I’m trying to master searching and it’s throwing up what might be lacking features OR maybe just me missing how they’re implemented. Hopefully the latter.

  1. Can you view the Locations tab? I’ve been clicking everywhere and can’t seem to find the option.

  2. Failing that, is there a button for Deep Results? I have a keyboard shortcut set up for it, but it would be nice to just see whether it’s activated from a button.

Thanks in advance, y’all!


deep results now available only if you push “Show All items” in top right corner. then you open standart media bay, what was before 9.5

if you open right zone, and choose File Browser - there no Deep Results button.

Ok, thanks for the heads-up, djgraver.