Deep Space - music by Desert

music for drifting…
asking feedback for the mix… sound quality on different audio systems.
making use of different ears…yours.
Think of your ears as eyes…


The mix sounds great to my ears. I listened to this with my Yamaha HS8 monitors at a reasonable volume and can mention that it was very enjoyable. The piece itself places us in a comfortable and conducive atmosphere and meditation.

IMO, that’s fine the way it is. Other points of view would surely be different, but it could be a simple matter of taste, we like this musical genre or not. Me, I like it!

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Hi Peter, it sounds just right on my system. Lovely mood.

Greetings, 'been a while…

Mesmerising piece, I can’t fault the choice of sounds or the production, it just drifts along beautifully on my RME AIO Mackie HR624 MK2 system.
It soothes the mind and makes your troubles disappear for a while, lovely.

Stay well!

Super clarity on my HS8. Well balanced and wide enough.

Did you add the noise on purpose? (If so, may I ask how?) It makes the track sound not so clinical and sterile. Very good. :+1:
I come from a post-production background. We usually remove background noise. But there are some cases when you want to add it back to the recording. So far I use recordings of real noise for that. But I’m always looking for alternatives/additions. (White or pink noise doesn’t fit every shot either, unfortunately.)

@ Mas,

In the mix i used a sample of a very old wind instrument/keyboard in my GR1 granular synth on a few tracks. I eq 'ed the low end mainly so what was left is probably a lot of random noise from the very noisy old keyboard and the granular effect later. I agree it adds a little analog sound to it, the GR1 synth is a very surprising device, i really love it.
Your ears work very well ! Keep them safe. Thank you for listening.

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Sounded good to me on my phones and on my speakers. I liked it. I’ll chime in with some of the others that it’s a very nice mood and musical space that’s created here.

This is a divine piece of music and it sounds very balanced as it is. The only thing I personally would try to experiment with is to try and get more sub lows in some segments. Like the bass sound that comes in from the left at 2:08. If you could give that more body and pan it in more to the middle I think it will maybe give this song even more contrast and depth? Just a thought?

Beautiful to listen to, love the vocal (type?) sounds particularly.

I agree with Nickeldome, to my ears (and on my admittedly inexpensive M-Audio BX8a speakers) there was room for more in the bass register. Listened again on AKG K240 mk II headphones and Sennheiser HD 600 headphones and I still think there’s space for more content in the lower registers. Lovely piece, crying out for use as a soundtrack.


Thank you for listening, the feedback and use of your ears…
This missing low end is a deliberate choice not filling in with a sub bass of my moog, I wanted to keep the airiness ( is that proper english?) in the mix. ( on my speakers anyway)
I will master it for spotify , that usually adds another layer to it. Thanks again.

I completely understand what you mean with ‘airiness’. And I agree that preserving this airiness is the most important in this piece! But you can still add body to the bass without actually compromising this airiness. The thing I meant to describe is maybe best explained by listening to a piece like this?

thanks Nickeldome for the reply and link. A nice cinematic piece in that link !.
I agree ofcourse that a bass / sub part could be added and it certainly adds a lot of drama and suspension. So in the mix keeping the airiness is certainly an option that is clear. I think my argument not to use it because of that is not valid, so it is a choice probably out of personal taste and maybe avoiding the to dramatic cinematic effect of a low sound. Thank you for the effort taken to listen and feedback.

It was just a thought to maybe experiment with? But after listening to this piece a few more times more I think I can now fully understand your choice not to add more sub bass. It should be lite and translucent like the morning light shining through the wings of a butterfly. Or traveling on a spaceship capturing the light of distant stars thousands of light years away . It’s perfect!