Deep Track Folding

Could someone please explain or better yet show me what the preference “deep track folding” does found in Preferences - Editing:Project & MixConsole? I can’t find anything on the Internet that really explains or shows what this does and there is only one post on this forum that even mentions it. It was added in Cubase 3.1 and apparently does something with folders inside of folders but for the past several versions 5 and up I keep coming back to it to see what it does and it eludes me.

From the manual:
Fold Tracks
Folds in all open folder tracks in the Project window.
The behavior of this function depends on the Deep Track Folding setting in the Preferences dialog.

Sorry skillet. I could never figure that one out either…

Hi Skillet.

This preference determines the behaviour of track folding commands accessed from Project menu (Project/Track folding/…),or keycommands assigned to them.

If you have folder tracks within folder track, expanding the “master” folder will expand all “sub” folders if you have this preference enabled.

However you can still fold/unfold individual folders by mouse clicking on particular folder track.
So if you only ever fold/unfold by mouse clicking on the folder track, this preference makes no difference.

I think once upon a bluemoon I remember it doing that, but I use those key commands all the time and the preference doesn’t seem to change anything for me. I even tried it from the arrow in the visibility and manually selected the options from the menu instead of using the key commands and it made no difference with nested folders with the preference on or off. If the folder inside was folded it stayed folded when I opened the parent folder from the key command, arrows in Visibility, and menu with the preference both checked and unchecked.

Do you get different results?

Do you get different results?

It works here.

I’m using the Toggle selected track command.
When I have the nested folders collapsed, selecting parent folder and using that command folds/unfolds the parent folder. Leaving the nested folders collapsed.(or in whatever state I left them)

With Deep track folding preference enabled, doing the same expands all nested folders as well.

Thanks actually it is working for me now with “Fold Tracks” and Unfold Tracks" as well “Toggle Selected Track”. I have no idea what I was doing wrong I could have sworn I did that a dozen times already at this point. It seems like “Deep Track Unfolding” would have been a better term for it since if you fold the parent folder you don’t really see if the subfolders were folded or not anyway. Thanks for your help misohoza!

Exactly !
I’ve never understood this preference either. And I still don’t.
I’m glad someone finally started conversation about it.

On a similar note - One preference that I would love to see is to have the graphic overview on the folder lane disappear when the folder is open. It would make for a much more logical and less cluttered arrange page.

That would be an interesting and potentially useful preference, it would create a clean separator between the folder tracks and other tracks.

I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon this preference just now. (right click on a folder track, choose “Show data on Folder tracks / Hide Data when expanded” )

I’m not sure when it was introduced but THANK YOU STEINBERG!!!

Falling in love with Cubase all over again.

Thanks for posting this.

I have to keep reminding myself of this preference. The note about deep track unfolding makes more sense because you have to fold a subfolder first and then fold a parent folder and unfold it to see the subfolder unfold with this preference. Unfold tracks only works on top-level folders and the Toggle Track Folding only works on selected tracks which makes sense.

It would be nice if like many other applications and in OS you could alt/option click on a parent folder and have all folders unfold or fold up. I know you can command-click but that doesn’t do subfolders it just deep folds (nothing to do with the preference) all folder tracks and deep unfolds all the folder tracks regardless if the preference is on or not. That is cool but again it would be nice to add this just to the folder you are on. I have a session that is pretty big with several subfolders and multiple top-level folders.

Pro Tools is finally about to release folder tracks in 2020, announced in January and still not out yet so thank you, Steinberg, for being way ahead! I have loved your method folders way more than the way Logic use to do it, they adopted your way as well thankfully!

Didnt get this preference !! anyway i use alot control+left click on folder to open/close all folders"at once in a project,so hide data when expanded is cool for me to select only all real events"on project

Yes that is handy and I am very glad it is there. I use command clicking (on a Mac) as well I just wished it worked more like an OS where it only related to the folders and subfolders of the folder you click on rather than everything in the session regardless of what you click on. Command/Control+Shift clicking on any folder makes more sense for this behavior of toggling all the folders regardless of what folder it is.

yeah i agree, it is logical and practical for workflow to have this option too