DeEsser and multi compressor

If I try to use the deesser in a channel insert, all audio is disabled/muted in that channel. When I do the same with the multi compressor, it causes added latency, when I constrain latency compensation, that disables/mutes audio in that channel. Any ideas? :confused:

Aloha c,
and glad you brought this up.

It took me a while to figure out that
the Steinberg MBC really increases latency. (guess they all do to some degree)

I have found no real answer for this so
I now use a couple of 3rd party MBC’s instead.

The Steiny DeSr.
Works fine here.
I know it can be used in several different ways but
I only use it on mono vox tracks.

However there do not seem to be any pre-sets with it;
but using ears also work just fine.


Constrain Latency Compensation… that’s how it works, look it up for a full description. Page 216

Compressors with look ahead will result in a sizable delay/latency.

You need to find so called zero latency plugins. you can find the plugin delay by looking in Plugin Information from the devices menu

Unless I ’ m misunderstanding the OP, that’ s usually not how it works. It disables the Plugin under certain circumstances, it should not disable the audio.

I shouldn’t try answering questions early in the morning :mrgreen: