Default buttons don't behave as expected

Hi - just noting that some buttons don’t obey the Mac behavior where if they’re highlighted and you hit Enter/Return they react.

For example, I have a file open and I want to analyze it; I hit Shift-Y to bring up the Analyze tab, now the Analyze dialog box is open and “Analyze” is highlighted (blue highlight around it) - one would expect to be able to just hit Enter to start an analysis, but it doesn’t do anything, you actually have to mouse to it and click it. There’s many others like that. It’s a small thing, but drives me slightly bonkers - all that extra mousing around - why is the button highlighted if it doesn’t behave like a highlighted button?

Wondering what I’m missing - some other way to generate highlighted actions without clicking on them?


Somebody else brought up something similar in the WaveLab Facebook group, but I couldn’t reproduce it.

I wonder if it’s specific to Mac or Windows, or using more than one screen.

On my setup I can press Shift-Y to bring up the Global Analysis box, and then press Return (or even Enter) to start the analysis process. I don’t need to click the Global Analysis box to focus it.

I even have a Stream Deck (and Keyboard Meastro for my laptop) command that does both with the press of one button.

I wonder why some systems require you to focus the Global Analysis box first.

It doesn’t even work here if the Analysis box is focused. Mac Studio, Ventura 13.4.1. So it seems like it’s specific to some rigs? I do have two screens, but Wavelab is pretty much only ever on one of them.

Weird, I guess PG will have to weigh in. I’m currently on an M2 Mac Pro with Ventura 13.5 but it’s been working for me like this for years the same way on a variety of Macs and operating systems.

Here’s a video where I analyze a file using only key commands (no mouse involved) and another where I do it using my Stream Deck button which is basically stacking the two WaveLab shortcuts up back to back: SHIFT + Y followed by RETURN

I’m not sure why the forum isn’t able to play the video but maybe it will work in a bit. Maybe THIS direct download link will do for now.

Thanks Justin! That’s how I would expect it to work, and how I’d like. I wonder why it works for you and not for me? Both on current machines, etc… Anyway, I suppose I can program something to get around it with Keyboard Maestro looking for the “Analyze” button, but it’s weird, no?
We’ll see if PG has any insight…

Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe PG has an idea. I also use two displays but all my WaveLab windows are on the one main display.

I don’t think Keyboard Maestro or Stream Deck will help you in this case. I’m not telling either to do anything special to find the button or focus anything. It’s just a way to combine two WaveLab shortcuts back to back into one command.

KM could just look for the “Analyze” button (either by text or image match) and click it for me - I coulda programmed it in the time I’ve spent posting this :wink: Just thought it was worth posting about since it seemed weird…