Default CC lane

Getting great results using the piano roll and cc lanes. However, I’m wondering if it’s possible to select the default visible CC number. Every time I return to play mode the lane has reset to showing CC7 - which is a bit irritating because CC7 tends to be used as an overall level setting (bit like the gain on a mixing desk) and not something that needs to be continually adjusted. CC11 traditionally is used for continuous adjustments and, more recently, CC1 has become the most common default controller for dynamics - to the extent that these days, for me, CC1 is the most used. Many thanks, Ian

Yes, this is on our list to address.

Thanks Paul, no problem!

I’ve now fixed this. Play Mode now remembers the height of the automation lanes and the last controller used in each lane.

(Though of course you won’t be able to see this for yourself until we release a new update, just in case that needs saying.)

EXCELLENT - thanks.