Default Channel Strip / Plugins for New Tracks

With the new MIDI mapping functions in Cubase 12, I find myself again wishing that we could specify either a default set of Channel Strip plugins and/or a default set of inserts for every new audio/instrument track added. This would make it possible, for example, to have a midi controller setup to control all of the parameters of a default set of plugins without having to manually load them every time I insert a track.

Anyone get what I mean?

You can use Track Presets for this.


Yes, kind of sort of. But surely I’m not the only who grabs the same set of compressors for almost every track. I’m looking for something that’s even broader then track presets - like a global track preset.

But yes, track presets kind of serve this function. I just want as few mouse clicks as possible to get where I want :grinning:

Why not use ‘Save as Default Preset’. I’m not sure all of the channel strip modules have it. I know EQ and Comp have it (you have to click the ‘e’ button on the comp module to get to it).

Once that is set every track you make will start with those settings. Also you can have the track default preset set so it has comp settings but starts deactivated. Then you just active the module when/if you want it with all the settings ready to go.

Otherwise it’s ‘Save FX Chain Preset’ and ‘Load FX Chain Preset’ which works but I do not think that can be made into an auto default, I could be wrong.

Reaper has this. You created your channel strip, then right-click and choose “Save all FX as default chain for new tracks”.

And bam, every time you double-click to make a new track, it automatically has the plug-ins you want.

Also, a track can be anything you want in Reaper, so no choosing Instrument, Audio, MIDI.

If I figured out a way to do this in Cubase I will let you know.

Nice idea, I’d also like to have this to load the “Console 1” plugin on each of my tracks. It’s really time-consuming to do this manually every time I insert new tracks.

Please Steinberg, don’t take years to do this, unlike the mono/stereo button on the tracks :laughing:

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