Default color for track type? FR

I always end up adding more groups and fx tracks to the project as the sessions progress.
The newly added tracks adhere to the preference setting that I have made concerning track colors.
But this always ends up being the wrong color no matter what setting I have.
I want group tracks and fx tracks to ALWAYS be the same color in every session and I don’t want to have to think about the color. I don’t want to have to think about the last selected color either, or any of the other options in that preference setting.

This could/should be a setting in the track control setup dialogue?
You could set a default color for every “track type” right there.
You should still be able to change the color, but a default color, by track type, for newly added tracks would be very welcome.

In Nuendo 2, the subroups and fx tracks would always have the same set color.
You couldn’t change the color, but you didn’t have to spend time recoloring the new tracks either.

If this already exists then please show me the setting?