Default crescendo appearance, how?

Hello, I am a bit confused how to set my default Engraving options for gradual dynamics.
I am inputting hairpins with the < and > keys.
I am inputting cresc. / dim. via Shift-D, cres, Enter / Shift-D, dim, Enter
Most of my cresc. and dim. need a dashed extension cresc. - - - - and dim. - - - -
I somehow can’t find a way to make this default.
If I change gradual dynamics to display as cresc. - - - - with dashed extension lines,
all my hairpins turn into this format - something I definitely don’t want.
Is there a clever way around this?
At the moment I have to go into the Property panel and change it for every appearance.
My score has hairpins and cresc. / dim. happily living next to each other, and it should stay like this.

If you type e.g. cresc… or dim… into the Shift+D popover, you’ll get a gradual dynamic with either a dotted or dashed line, according to the settings you have in the Gradual Dynamics section of the Dynamics page of Engraving Options:

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Brillant solution, thanks Daniel.