Default cross staff slur starts at wrong staff

How are these the default slur and the default position of the ‘down/up’-directed slur between the two selected notes? Could I solve this with some settings or can this only be changed on a case by case basis in engrave mode?

Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 12.40.00 Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 12.37.19 Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 12.37.52

That’s certainly not the default appearance you should be seeing. Can you attach a cut-down snippet of the project that exhibits this problem?

Good to hear that this is not what I should be seeing and thank you for looking into it. Here is a cut down version of the file.
slur appearance.dorico (540.6 KB)

As far as I can tell (see the dotted lines), the slur is attached to the top piano staff, not the bottom. Maybe you hit M to move it down? I’d suggest to simply remove the slur, select the first note in the bottom staff, and add the slur again.

@PjotrB cross staff

I’ll need to check with the team about exactly what’s going on here, but it appears to be a limitation in the collision avoidance code for slurs between voices that cross staves where a note in one staff is at the same position as the note in the other staff where the slur begins.

As a workaround for the time being, if you were to make the notes at each end of the slur in the same voice, e.g. either write the first two eighths in the lower staff and then cross them to the staff above, or write the second pair of eighths in the upper staff and then cross them to the staff below, the slur will then attach properly.

I don’t have time right now to figure out exactly which setting it is, but I can confirm that with my saved default Engraving Options the slur renders as one would expect.
May-30-2022 16-31-29

It might be time to play with your settings.

Thank you @dspreadbury ! Using the same voice and “cross staffing” those notes works!

@pianoleo interesting… I currently don’t have time to find that setting (a needle in a haystack probably) but I may check that later.

@dspreadbury there is still a scenario in which this goes wrong. When a cross staff note in a down stem voice is not drawn because it shares a notehead with a white note, the slur starts/ends at the wrong vertical position, like in this screenshot:

Screenshot 2023-04-18 at 10.46.04

I can work around it by making it an upstem voice but I thought that it would be good to report it here.

When you select your notes to slur, how are you selecting the first note?

@DanielMuzMurray in this case, you can only select it by clicking the (upward) stem.

I haven’t tried it. Was just checking if the G-flat in the blue voice was being selected, rather than the one in the red voice.

I would select the downstem note and ctrl-click the final note to make the slur and it will be correct.


@Janus no it won’t, check my problem at the top of this thread and @dspreadbury’s solution.

Is this (or similar) not what you want?

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When I try to recreate your screenshot, it seems to work fine for me, though any combination of voices I’ve tried haven’t actually overlapped noteheads. I’m unsure what voices you’re using though. Can you attach this project?

@pianoleo showed a video of the slur working correctly using his saved defaults. Did you get a chance to check your settings after that post?

Please, guys.

@Janus Yes it works fine for you but not for me, see pianoleo’s post above

@DanielMuzMurray Dorico has too many settings to check them all, I hope you’ll understand that. And I think the bug was fixed in a later version of Dorico. Only not for this specific case, which is what I reported to Daniel Spreadbury.

Fair enough. Would you be happy to attach your project so someone else can have a look at the settings?

Other than that, I can’t help sorry!

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Depending on the voices direction (up or down) and if the slur involves just one or more than one of them the resulting slur will be different.

I’ve set four bars with the notes of the screen capture from @maartenterhorst. bar 1 and 2 have notes from trebble clef in downstem-voice-1, bar 3 and 4 in upstem-voice-1, bass cleff is downstem-voice-1 in bars 1 and 3, upstem-voice-1 in bars 2 and 4.
All engraving options are the factory ones.

I’m attaching the file so anyone can enter the slurs and see how they differ.
crosstaff_slur_test.dorico (514.9 KB)