Default diminished symbol as text

I’m unable to enter the default diminished chord symbol (circle) as text . The symbol in SMuFL Text Chord Symbols range does not seem to be the one used in Dorico by default, and I cannot find a reference to the symbol source in the chord symbol appearance editor.

Can anyone help?

Are you wanting to show this symbol inside chord symbols, or in a text item?

Chord symbols: if you have Pro, look in Library > Engraving Options > Chord Symbols > Chord Quality ; if you have Elements, it’s Library > Chord Symbols …

Text items: right-click when adding text and select Insert Music Text to open the dialog, and search for “csymDiminished” to locate the circle symbol.

Thanks Lillie!

Yes, I want to show the symbol as a text item. Trouble is, csymDiminished is not the symbol used in Dorico when selecting the circle to denote diminished chords in engraving options.

I eventually found the right one, located at U+F4D8, which of course is the unicode for csymDiminishedSmall in Bravura Text. I guess this symbol will be easier to find once Dorico hopefully implements OpenType features sometime in the future.

Thanks again!