Default Element Colours / Distinguishing Elements by Default State

I have been working in Dorico almost all day every day for the past few weeks, so lately I have many questions.

My current workflow is:

  • Sketch; rough pitches and ideas
  • Edit; exact pitches rough dynamics
  • Define playback; tweaking dynamics, tempo, articulations, etc. to get as close as I can to the sound I want coming out of the speakers.

I want to go all the way in Dorico from notation to exported .wav stems that I can mix in my DAW. This requires a large amount of tweaking to get the playback right. Tweaking is a lot of work, and I need some way of conveniently distinguishing elements that have already been edited for playback.

What I need is some sort of marking system such that I can differentiate “added default element” from “edited final element” - -for example, I had thought maybe I could change the default colour scheme so that new (ex.) dynamic markings are red by default when added from the palette, and then after I tweak them for playback, I can colour them black to know that they are done.

Is this default colour scheme possible? I can’t seem to find any other information on it. Otherwise, are there any other methods you might suggest to make this job easier?

It is not readily available; but requests have been made for a highlighting capability, which may be possible in the future.

Is there a standardized way to vote on feature requests on the forum?

I added a “conductor” instrument and am using its staff to separate out the tempo markings and track editing progress. I you happen to think of a smarter way to achieve the same, I would appreciate it. I am still getting a feel for how I can get what I need out of Dorico.

Dorico development isn’t run as a strictly democratic process. There is both wisdom and madness in crowds. Instead, Dorico development priorities are typically set by yours truly, in the fashion of what I hope is a reasonably benevolent dictatorship, and where the priorities that we agree on internally as a team take into account as much feedback as possible from the tens of thousands of active Dorico users who take the time to contact us about their needs. You will not be surprised to hear that your own needs may not be shared by every other Dorico user.

All of this is a long way of saying that no, we don’t have a formal way to vote on feature requests. Posting here on the forum that you want something is the best way to let us know about what you would like to see in the software. You may even find some other users chime in to say that they agree with you. We don’t mind seeing the same or similar feature requests multiple times, so please don’t be afraid to share your needs for the software. (Though do try to be brief: there are, as I’ve mentioned, tens of thousands of you and only a few of us.)

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