Default empty project

Hi guys!
Can I make changes to the “default” empty project, so I have the changes when I start a “new empty project” from the hub?
I.e: audio connections, visibility of the “I/O connections” track, and so on… If I change it and I save the template it creates a new template with the name I choose. But I want to make it the default empty template! Is it possible?
Sorry for my english!!

Yes you can do that. I always start all my projects by creating an empty…
As you mentioned you can also save it as a template. It should show up in the hub after Saving as template…

Yes, but I’m talking about the empty project you get when you click on “Create empty…”
I’d like to edit it and save it, so if I click on “Create empty” again I will get the empty default project edited by me…!

Thats what the TEMPLATE is for dude, then you simply save as and rename it to your new project and folder, bam

OK, but I don’t want a template! I want to change and save changes to the basic empty template that I get when I click on “create empty”. I’d like to “personalize” the empty project, not a template! :smiley:

An EMPTY project is just that EMPTY, no tracks, no plugins etc. Your option is to save the empty and call it what you want. just like the options they have there in the HUB, create your own project options as you want.
Again, template is your friend, good luck.

Nothing stopping you from editing the EMPTY every time.

Yes, of course! First of all, thank you for your help!
I try to explain my needs:
If I start a new empty project, I have to set, every time I start a new one, the Audio connections in the Studio menu. Every time I have to change the visibility of the I/O Channels track in the track list on the left (I don’t want to se the I/O track!). Every time I start a new empty track I have to change the default colors in the Select colors Menu button.
I know: I can make the changes and save a template and open the template next time for a new project! But I hoped It was possible to change directly the basic empty track!

Editing the empty every time is a little waste of time!


Yes it is a waste of time, EMPTY assumes you want just that EMPTY. Thats why you get things set the way you want it and save it as your TEMPLATE or your default PROJECT that you always select to start with.

NO ONE edits the EMPTY every time BTW

Empty is actually a “virtual” template, you’ll find it in the More tab in the right part of the Steinberg Hub.

AFAIK, it’s not an editable template though. If you edit it and then save it as template, you’ll just get a second copy of the Empty template in the More Tab.

I’d suggest to double click on it to open a new project based on the Empty template, then hide the I/O channels and then File menu → Save as template (name the template for example Default). From now on, go to the More Tab, and use the Default template to open empty projects having hidden I/O Channels.

Grazie Paolo!

Di niente (Luca I presume…)!

Sì, esatto! :slight_smile:

From what you describe it sounds like you want to use the default “create empty” then add in your customization’s as needed? If so, then you should look at creating custom presets for Tracks, Connections, Preferences, etc… to your liking. Then with an empty project open just pull in the custom setting presets at a component level.

Track and Mix Console Visibility is the only exception, that’s kept at a project level under Configuration. As far as I know the only way to save them is in a Project Template.

Hope this helps.

You can also save your studio/audio connections as a preset - if you don’t feel like starting with an entire project template.

Thank you guys!
I will try your suggestions!

Ok, here an example:

If I start a new project with “create empty” the default audio connections are like in the 1.jpg file in attachments,

here showing the “Inputs” tab (“Ingressi” in italian) but it’s the same for the output. It just show the two L/R channels. I set up the connections with the entire set of my I/O connections (I have a Yamaha n12 as audio card), I did the same with the outputs, and finally I save the preset and I call it “full”. (You can see it in the 2.jpg attached file)

If I use this connections, work on the project, recording my tracks, I save the project, close cubase, late in the afternoon I open cubase for a new song, start a new project clicking on “create empty”… my connections are set again like the 1.jpg file, with only L/R inputs (and outputs too). I have to recall the recall the “Full” preset from the Presets drop down menu, and I can work again with all my I/O.

I’d like to have the “Full” preset by default when I start a “create empty” project!
(and so on with other user presets for other options!)
Is it possible avoiding a new template, but just modifying the “create empty” default project?

thank you again!

At a guess the point of the “Empty” option is to have something that is just that…empty for you to add everything from scratch.

Is there a reason you don’t want to just create an “Empty” Template with all your Audio Inputs/Outputs and nothing else (I have different ones for different Audio Interfaces)?

Me I have created a template named : ‘Default’ where there is all I want for connection (and more if you want)
and when I want to create a new project I use simply this template !